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Student-led Conferences 4/3/17

posted Mar 27, 2017, 1:23 PM by Elizabeth Decesaro

In order to help you better understand your child’s learning this year, we are going to hold a different type of conference this spring.  Students will be leading the conference and explaining to you what they have been doing in each of the core subject areas this quarter.  Our students have begun collecting information and tracking their own data in order to present their efforts and achievements to you.  Teachers will be present in the classroom during conferences in case students need guidance.  They will also be available to answer any questions you may have.  However, these conferences will not be held privately so there may be one or two other families in the classroom during your student-led conference.  If you wish to speak to the teacher privately, please make a separate appointment at a different time.

You can expect the following things to happen at your student-led conference:

  1. You will participate in a typical classroom assessment/activity (DIBELS, Think Central, Google Classroom, etc) with your child in order to develop a better understanding of what takes place in the classroom.

  2. You and your child will have time to review his/her individual student data, progress toward learning targets, and goals for future growth.

  3. Your child will discuss his/her strengths and challenges with you.

  4. Report cards will be sent home at the conference.

Students have worked very hard preparing for these conferences, so please be sure to attend.  It is their chance to show you all the work they have done this quarter.  You will have the opportunity to ask your child questions regarding his/her progress.  Sample questions can be found on the back of this letter.  Please review the questions in order to prepare for your student-led conference.  We look forward to seeing you on conference day!